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Mercury Environmental Technology (S) Pte Ltd

XFLAME Home Fire Protection Bundle 3

XFLAME Home Fire Protection Bundle 3

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Product Details

2L Foam Fire Extinguisher

• Suitable for Class A Combustible material paper wood, B Flammable Liquid and Electrical Fire

• Non-toxic, environmentally friendly

• Ingredients are made of plant-based

• Served as a wetting agent during evacuation (Spray on your clothes)

• Quick reduction of temperature

• Local Authority Certified

• Green Label Singapore Certified

• Dielectric Certified BSI (suitable for electrical fire)

• 2 years warranty (Pressure drop or below green zone, 1 to 1 exchange)

• Is not under Product Listing Scheme (PLS)


Smoke Detector

- Aligned with SCDF requirement

-10 years Battery Lifespan

- Inbuilt 3V lithium battery (Non replaceable battery, after 10 years recommended to change a new smoke detector)

- EN 14604 certification

- Photoelectric Technology

- Low battery warning

- Test button for weekly testing

- 3M magnet and screw available


Fire Blanket

- No expiry date

- 1m by 1m

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